[基礎研究] 河合 桃太郎 慶応義塾大学 Long-term selective stimulation of transplanted neural stem/progenitor cells for spinal cord injury improves locomotor function
串岡 純一 大阪大学 A novel negative regulatory mechanism of Smurf2 in BMP/Smad signaling in bone
[臨床研究] 河井 利之 京都大学 Number of levels of spinal fusion associated with the rate of joint-space narrowing in the hip
永田 向生 東京大学 Effect of antimicrobial prophylaxis duration on health care-associated infections after clean orthopedic surgery: A cluster randomized trial


[基礎研究] 川井 俊介 京都大学 In vitro bone-like nodules generated from patient-derived iPSCs recapitulate pathological bone phenotypes
河村 真吾 京都大学/岐阜大学 Cell-type dependent enhancer binding of the EWS/ATF1 fusion gene in clear cell sarcomas
[臨床研究] 川島 至 名古屋大学/朝日大学病院 Association between knee alignment and meniscal tear in pediatric patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury
吉野 謙輔 千葉大学 Anatomical implications regarding femoral nerve palsy during a direct anterior approach to total hip arthroplasty: A cadaveric study


[基礎研究] 居石 卓也 九州大学 GRK5 inhibition attenuates cartilage degradation via decreased NF-κB signaling
張 成虎 東京大学 Excessive mechanical loading promotes osteoarthritis through the gremlin-1-NF-κB pathway
[臨床研究] 小林 寛 東京大学 Efficacy and safety of trabectedin for patients with unresectable and relapsed soft-tissue sarcoma in japan: A Japanese Musculoskeletal Oncology Group study
八尋 健一郎 九州大学 Activation of TLR4 signaling inhibits progression of osteosarcoma by stimulating CD8-positive cytotoxic lymphocytes


[基礎研究] 熊丸 浩仁 University of
Generation and post-injury integration of human spinal cord neural stem cells
古家 雅之 大阪大学 Direct cell-cell contact between mature osteoblasts and osteoclasts dynamically controls their functions in vivo
[臨床研究] 貴島 賢 九州大学 The acute phase serum zinc concentration is a reliable biomarker for predicting the functional outcome after spinal cord injury
高橋 真治 大阪市立大学 Cost-effectiveness of balloon kyphoplasty for patients with acute/subacute osteoporotic vertebral fractures in the super-aging Japanese society


[基礎研究] 土肥 透 国立障害者リハビリ
Chd7 collaborates with Sox2 to regulate activation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells after spinal cord injury
村田 浩一 Hospital for
Special Surgery/
Hypoxia-sensitive COMMD1 integrates signaling and cellular metabolism in human macrophages and suppresses osteoclastogenesis
[臨床研究] 石松 哲郎 福岡大学 Motor-evoked potential analysis of femoral nerve status during the direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty
原 大介 九州大学 Does participation in sports affect osteoarthritic progression after periacetabular osteotomy?


[基礎研究] 中道 亮 東京医科歯科大学/岡山大学 Mohawk promotes the maintenance and regeneration of the outer annulus fibrosus of intervertebral discs
原 正光 九州大学 Interaction of reactive astrocytes with type I collagen induces astrocytic scar formation through the integrin-N-cadherin pathway after spinal cord injury
[臨床研究] 塚田 幸行 猫山宮尾病院 The impact of including corticosteroid in a periarticular injection for pain control after total knee arthroplasty: A double-blind randomised controlled trial
三輪 真嗣 金沢大学 Phase 1/2 study of immunotherapy with dendritic cells pulsed with autologous tumor lysate in patients with refractory bone and soft tissue sarcoma


[基礎研究] 根津 悠 国立がん研究センター/横浜市立大学 miR-135b, a key regulator of malignancy, is linked to poor prognosis in human myxoid liposarcoma
箭原 康人 京都大学iPS細胞研究所/富山大学 Pterosin B prevents chondrocyte hypertrophy and osteoarthritis in mice by inhibiting Sik3
[臨床研究] 中島 宏彰 University of Tronto/名古屋大学 Does age affect surgical outcomes in patients with degenerative cervical myelopathy? Results from the prospective multicenter AOSpine international study on 479 patients
中村 知樹 三重大学 The clinical outcome of pazopanib treatment in Japanese patients with relapsed soft tissue sarcoma: A Japanese Musculoskeletal Oncology Group (JMOG) study


[基礎研究] 池田 亮 The University ofCincinnati College of Medicine/ 東京慈恵会医科大学 Merkel cells transduce and encode tactile stimuli to drive Aβ-afferent impulses
海苔 聡 慶應義塾大学 Long-term safety issues of iPSC-based cell therapy in a spinal cord injury model: oncogenic transformation with epithelial-mesenchymal transition
[臨床研究] 小倉 浩一 国立がんセンター中央病院/東京大学 Development and external validation of nomograms predicting distant metastases and overall survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and surgery for patients with nonmetastatic osteosarcoma: a multi-institutional study
小早川 和 九州大学 Acute hyperglycemia impairs functional improvement after spinal cord injury in mice and humans


[基礎研究] 小川 寛恭 Harvard Medical School Mechanical motion promotes expression of Prg4 in articular cartilage via multiple CREB-dependent, fluid flow shear stress-induced signaling pathways
藤原 智洋 国立がん研究センター Clinical relevance and therapeutic significance of microRNA-133a expression profiles and functions in malignant osteosarcoma-initiating cells
[臨床研究] 猪狩 勝則 東京女子医科大学 A GC polymorphism associated with serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level is a risk factor for hip fracture in Japanese patients with rheumatoid arthritis: 10-year follow-up of the Institute of Rheumatology, Rheumatoid Arthritis cohort study
寺口 真年 和歌山県立医科大学 Prevalence and distribution of intervertebral disc degeneration over the entire spine in a population-based cohort: the Wakayama Spine Study


[基礎研究] 酒井 大輔 東海大学 Exhaustion of nucleus pulposus progenitor cells with ageing and degeneration of the intervertebral
藤田 浩二 東京医科歯科大学 Vitamin E decreases bone mass by stimulating osteoclast fusion
[臨床研究] 江口 和 千葉大学 Quantitative avaliuation and visualization of lumbar formainal nerve root entrapment by using diffusion tensor imaging: Preliminary results
小倉 浩一 東京大学 Impact of hospital volume on postoperative complications and in-hospital mortality after musculoskeletal tumor surgery : Analysis of national administrative database


[基礎研究] 高橋 洋平 慶應義塾大学 A genome-wide association study identifies common variants near LBX1 associated with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
平松 久仁彦 大阪大学 Generation of hyaline cartilaginous tissue from mouse adult dermal fibroblast culture by defined factors
[臨床研究] 石井 賢 慶應義塾大学 Remodeling of C2 facet deformity prevents recurrent subluxation in patients with chronic atlantoaxial rotatory fixation A novel strategy for treatment of chronic atlantoaxial rotatory fixation
村木 重之 東京大学 Independent association of joint space narrowing and osteophyte formation at the knee with health-related quality of life in Japan: A cross-sectional study


[基礎研究] 松 昌彦 鹿児島大学 Neurons derived from transplanted neural stem cells restore disrupted neuronal circuitry in a mouse model of spinal cord injury
松本 知之 神戸大学 Lnk-dependent axis of SCF-cKit signal for osteogenesis in bone fracture healing
[臨床研究] 永瀬 雄一 東京大学 Risk factors of pulmonary embolism and the effects of fondaparinux after total hip and knee arthroplasty: a retrospective observational study using a national database in Japan
藤井 政徳 九州大学 Acetabular retroversion in developmental dysplasia of the hip


[基礎研究] 岩澤 三康 東京大学 The antiapoptotic protein Bcl-xL negatively regulates the bone-resorbing activity of osteoclasts in mice
齋藤 琢 東京大学 Transcriptional regulation of endochondral ossification by HIF-2αduring skeletal growth and osteoarthritis development
[臨床研究] 今釜 史郎 名古屋大学 C5 palsy after cervical laminoplasty: A multicentre study
中村 順一 千葉大学 Age at time of corticosteroid administrations is a risk factor for osteonecorsis in pediatric patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A prospective magnetic resonance imaging study


[基礎研究] 名越 慈人 慶應大 Ontogeny and multipotency of neural crest-derived stem cells in mouse bone marrow, dorsal root ganglia, and whisker pad
堀江 雅史 東医歯大 Intraarticular injected synovial stem cells differentiate into meniscal cells directly and promote meniscal regeneration without mobilization to distant organs in rat massive meniscal defect
[臨床研究] 今井 一博 東大 Assessment of vertebral fracture risk and therapeutic effects of alendronate in postmenopausal women using a quantitative computed tomography-based nonlinear finite element method
大鳥 精司 千葉大 Results of surgery for discogenic low back pain: a randomized study using discography versus discoblock for diagnosis


[基礎研究] 佐藤信吾 東医歯大 Central control of bone remodeling by neuromedin U.
川﨑洋介 東大 Phosphorylation of GSK-3 β by cGMP-dependent protein kinase II Promotes hypertrophic differentiation of murine chondrocytes.
[臨床研究] 水内秀城 九大 The effect of ankle rotaion on cutting the tibia in total knee arthroplasty.


[基礎研究] 岡田誠司 九大 Conditional ablation of Stat3 or Socs3 discloses a dual role for reactive astrocytes after spinal cord injury.
宮本健史 慶大 DC-STAMP is essential for cell-cell fusion in osteoclasts and foreign body giant cells.
[臨床研究] 武内章彦 金沢大 Endogenous secretory receptor for advanced glycation endproducts as a novel prognostic marker in chondrosarcoma.


[基礎研究] 関庄二 富山大 A functional SNP in CILP, encoding cartilage intermediate layer protein, is associated with susceptibility to lumbar disc disease.
茂呂徹 東大 Surface grafting of artificial joints with a biocompatible polymer for preventing periprosthetic osteolysis.
[臨床研究] 森友寿夫 阪大 In vivo three-dimensional kinematics of the midcarpal joint of the wrist.


[基礎研究] 秋山治彦 京大 Interactions between Sox9 and β-catenin control chondrocyte differentiation.
塚原智英 札幌医大 Identification of human autologous cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-defined osteosarcoma gene that encodes a transcriptional regulator, papillomavirus binding factor.
中村雅也 慶大 Transplantation of embryonic spinal cord-derived neurospheres support growth of supraspinal projections and functional recovery after spinal cord injury in the neonatal rat.
[臨床研究] 吉村典子 東大 Characteristics and course of bone mineral densities among fast bone losers in a rural Japanese community: the Miyama study.


[基礎研究] 河野博隆 東大 Suppressive function of androgen receptor in bone resorption.
西田圭一郎 岡山大 Histone deacetylase inhibitor suppresses autoantibody-mediated arthritis in mice via regulation of p16INK4a and p21WAF1/Cip1 expression.
前田真吾 癌研研究所 Endogenous TGF-β signaling suppresses maturation of osteoblastic mesenchymal cells.
[臨床研究] 内田研造 福井大 Metabolic nueroimaging of the cervical spinal cord in patients with compressive myelopathy: a high-resolution positron emission tomography study.


[基礎研究] 小畑浩一 兵庫医大解剖学 Differential activation of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase in primary afferent neurons regulates brain- derived neurotrophic factor expression after peripheral inflammation and nerve injury.
中谷文彦 九大 Identification of p21WAF1/CIP1 as a direct target of EWS-Fli1 oncogenic fusion protein.
[臨床研究] 戸田佳孝 戸田整形外科リウマチ科 クリニック Usefulness of an insole with subtalar strapping for analgesia in patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis of the knee.
川口善治 富山医薬大 Progression of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament following en block cervical laminoplasty.


[基礎研究] 小野寺伸 北大 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor up-regulates matrix matalloproteinase-9 and -13 in rat osteoblasts. Relevance to intracellular signaling pathways.
酒井昭典 産業医大 Disruption of the p53 gene results in preserved trabecular bone mass and bone formation ofter mechanical unloading.
関矢一郎 東医歯大 In vitro cartilage formation by human adult stem cells from bone marrow stroma defines the sequence of cellular and molecular events during chondrogenesis.
[臨床研究] 阿久根徹 東大 Insulin secretory response is positivery associated with the extent of ossification of the posterior longitudial ligament of the spine.


[基礎研究] 緒方直史 東大 Insulin receptor substrate-1 in osteoblast is indispensable for maintaining bone turnover.
齋藤直人 信州大 A biodegradable polymer as a cytokine delivery system for inducing bone formation.
三浦俊樹 東大 Partial functional recovery of paraplegic rat by adenovirus-mediated gene delivery of constitutively active MEK1.
[臨床研究] 髙原政利 山形大 Natural progression of osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral capitellum: Initial observations.


小林千益 信州大 Poor bone quality or hip structure as risk factors affecting survivalof total-hip arthroplasty.
仲村一郎 東大 Role of α β integrin in osteoclast migration and formation of the sealing zone.
波呂浩孝 東医歯大 Matrix metalloproteinase-3-dependent generation of a macrophage chemoattractant in a model of herniated disc resorption.
宮崎剛 東大 Reciprocal role of ERK NK- B pathways in survival and activation of osteoclasts.


大河昭彦 千葉大学 Mutation in Npps in a mouse model of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine.
古賀公明 鹿児島大 Genetic Mapping of Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament of the Spine.
妻木範行 阪大 Modular Arrangement of Cartilage- and Neural Tissue-specific cis-Elements in the Mouse α2(XI) Collagen Promoter.
冨田哲也 阪大 Establishment of Nurse-like Stromal Cells from Bone Marrow of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: of Chara Indication cteristic Bone Marrow Microenvironment in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.


尼子雅敏 防衛医大 Influence of Water Immersion Stress on Peripheral Nerve Recoverry in the Rat.
新井祐志 京都府大 Adenobirus Vector-Mediated Gene Transduction to to Chondrocytes:In Vitro Evaluation of Therapeutic Efficacy of Transforming Growth Factor-β1 and Heat Shock Protein 70 Gene Transduction.
佐藤宗彦 阪大 Mechanical Tension-stress Induces Expression of BMP-2 and -4 mRNA,but not BMP-6,-7 and GDF-5,during Bone Lengthening by Distraction Osteogenesis.
瀬戸正史 三重大 Gene Therapy of Chondrosarcoma Using Retrovirus Vector Encoding the Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase(HSV-tk) Gene.


浅原弘嗣 岡山大 Direct Evidence of High DNA Binding Activity of Transcription Factor AP-1 in Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovium.
田仲和宏 九大 EWS-Flil Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotide Inhibits Proliferation of Human Ewing's Sarcoma and Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor Cells.
田中栄 東大 c-Cbl is Downstream of c-Src in a Signalling Pathway Necessary for Bone Resorption.
脇谷滋之 阪大 Hepatocyte Growht Factor Facilitates Repair of Full Thickness Articular Cartilage Defect in Rabbit Knee.


計良基治 北大 Mechanical Properties of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Chronically Relaxed by Elevation of the Tibial Insertion.
中村憲正 阪大 Transient Introduction of a Foreign Gene Into Healing Rat Patellar Legament.
濱田佳孝 徳島大 Involvement of an Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1-Dependent Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Secondary Changes agter Spinal Cord Injury in Rats.
安田義 京大 Possible Involvement of RGD (Arg-Gly-Asp) -Containing Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Rat Growth Plate Chondrocyte Differentiation in Culture.


川口浩 東大 A Mechanism of Estrogen Deficient Osteoporosis through Prostaglandin Production in Bone.
川口善治 富山医薬大 Back Muscle Injury After Posterior Lumbar Spine Surgery. Part 1 : Histologic and Histochemical Analyses in Rats. Part 2 : Histologic and Histochemical Analyses in Humans. Part 3 : A Histologic and Enzymatic Analysis.
仲尾保志 慶大 Monoclonal Antibodies Against ICAM-1 and LFA-1 (CD11A) Induce Specific Tolerance to Peripheral Nerve Allograft in Rats.
山本卓明 九大 Corticosteroid Enhances the Experimental Induction of Osteonecrosis in Rabbits with Shwartzman Reaction.


岩下靖史 愛媛大 Restroation of Function by Replacement of Spinal Cord Segments in the Rat.
土屋弘行 金沢大 Chemotherapeutic Effect on Osteosarcoma on Basis of Collagen Analysis: A Proposal of the Induction of Osteosarcoma Differentiation.
中瀬尚長 阪大 Transient and Localized Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4 Messenger RNA During Fracture Healing.
山下敏彦 札幌医大 Mechanosensitive Afferent Units in the Lumbar Intervertebral Disc and Adjacent Muscle.


岩﨑幹季 阪大 Transforming Growth Factor- β1 Stimulates Chondrogenesis and Inhibits Osteogenesis in High Density Culture of Periosteum-Derived Cells.
岩本幸英 九大 Use of an in vitro Assay to Study the Invasiveness of Malignant Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors through Basement Membranes.
町田正文 日大 Pathogenesis of Idiopathic Scoliosis:Melatonin Deficiency Associated with Experimental Scoliosis.
前田昌己 奈良医大 Extracorporeal Circulation for Tissue Transplantation (In the Case of Venous Flaps)

第4回 平成5年度

神宮司誠也 九大 大腿骨頭すべり症患者血清における、中間部位を含む副甲状腺ホルモンフラグメントの低下

第3回 平成4年度

石部基実 北大 酒石酸抵抗性酸フォスファターゼは insulin-like growth factor-Ⅱ/mannose 6-phosphate 受容体を介して骨芽細胞を刺激する
渡辺秀臣 群馬大 線維肉腫の転移における自律性運動能の役割―自己分泌型運動因子レセプターの無蛋白培養株での発現―

第2回 平成3年度

松井寿夫 富山医薬大 若年性腰椎椎間板ヘルニアの家族素因と集積性

第1回 平成2年度

橋本淳 阪大 上皮小体ホルモンとエストロゲンの併用投与による粗鬆化骨での骨梁新生
小林茂 保健衛生大 脳脊髄の変化が神経根に及ぼす影響について
神宮司誠也 九大 ラット成長軟板におけるFibroblast Growth Factors、Tranforming Growth Factor beta1の局在
大田秀一 京大 骨芽細胞の分化と癌遺伝子c-fos発現との関連:骨折治癒過程でのin vivo発現とBMPによるin vitro発現